At the Austin Veterinary Clinic, we try to see most of our patients on a scheduled appointment basis. Routine surgery and vaccination appointments are typically filled at least two weeks in advance. Please plan ahead and call as early as possible, so that you are able to get the day and time that best fits your needs.

If your pet becomes ill, please call as soon as possible after 8:00 am, to help us find you an appointment, before the day fills up. In the event of a busy day, we may ask you to drop off your pet at the clinic, so that we can examine it as soon as possible, whenever time allows. We will call you when the examination is finished, so you can pick up your pet before closing time.

If you have an emergency, such as a “hit by car”, please come immediately to the clinic and if the severity of the problem indicates an emergency, we will begin treatment as quickly as possible. If possible, please call and let us know that you are coming in and the nature of the emergency.

Clinic Policies

At the Austin Veterinary Clinic, our mission is to provide the best possible medical care for your companion animal. We do our best to make the cost of quality veterinary care as affordable as possible.

Payment Options:

We require payment in full at the end of your pet’s visit or at the time of discharge, if your pet is hospitalized.

We accept:

Cash or check Visa, Mastercard or Discover Bank debit cards In addition, we also offer a CareCredit payment plan. This plan allows you to begin your pet’s treatment today and make convenient monthly payments.

Available for treatments in excess of $500.00. Can be used repeatedly without the need to re-apply as with other types of credit, a credit check will be performed. If you have a good credit history, approval only takes a few minutes. We strongly encourage everyone to budget ahead for routine veterinary care, such as spays or vaccinations.

A deposit may be requested for emergency medical or surgical procedures. If an emergency places you in a financial crisis, please let us know immediately, so that we can advise and tailor the treatment to fit your needs.