Surgical Services

Surgical Services
At the Austin Vet Clinic, we offer many surgical services. Elective surgeries are performed on Monday through Thursday. Fridays are reserved for dental procedures. Elective surgeries are scheduled ahead of time and include procedures such as spays and neuters, cruciate repair, mass removals. 

None-elective surgeries would include high-priority procedures such as fracture repairs, intestinal surgeries and caesarian sections. We offer and strongly encourage pre-anesthetic blood testing to help detect any health problems that might cause complications during surgery. This is especially important with older pets. 

All patients are monitored closely during the surgical procedure. We currently monitor heart-rate, respiratory rate, EKG, and blood oxygen levels. Most procedures use gas anesthesia or modern injectable anesthetics with oxygen supplementation. After the procedure, your pet is placed in ICU and is monitored by staff until awake and stable. 

A few surgical procedures require at least one night of hospitalization. Coming Soon!


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