Medical Services


At the Austin Veterinary Clinic, we are very aware of the importance of your pet’s dental health. To some degree, it is true that a pet

is only as healthy as their teeth. A pet with healthy teeth and gums will be a happier pet, will eat better, may live longer and certainly will be a more pleasing pet to live with.

Regular dental checks are part of your pet’s annual wellness exam. If the doctor sees evidence of problems in the mouth, they will recommend further treatment, as it is appropriate. Just like their owner, most dogs benefit from annual or biannual teeth-cleaning to prevent degenerative gum disease and resultant tooth loss. Regular teeth cleaning may also help pets that have problems with persistent bad breath.

Most dental services, such as teeth cleaning or extractions, are done with a sedative, for the safety and comfort of your pet. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood work prior to sedation, especially for older pets.